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Seasonality in Real Estate: How Weather and the Time of Year Affect Housing!

Weather and the time of year have a big impact housing activity, and in every housing market there are times of the year when fewer homes sell. For most, that time of year coincides with the winter months, and in much of the U.S., thatís the case right now. But no matter where you live, itís important to know how seasonality affects the housing market. So letís look at the current housing numbers, how seasonality affects them, and what it means for you if youíre looking to buy or sell.

Staging Small Homes to Sell or Enjoy

From Fall 2013 Newsletter

Top Homeowner Tax Deductions That Decrease Your Tax Burden

Top Homeowner Tax Deductions That Decrease Your Tax Burden You can't avoid paying taxes, and we all need to pay our fair share. However, paying your fair share shouldn't place an unjust burden on you. As a homeowner, your tax burden is doubled because you pay both income and property taxes. To decrease that burden and boost your tax savings, take advantage of these homeowner tax deductions. As a result, you can use your tax savings to go on a vacation, increase your child's college fund, build upon your retirement fund, or complete another home improvement project.